Brilliant Books: Sylvia and Bird

We love books!

I'd like to start a series of posts sharing books that we have read, more specifically brilliant kids books. Whilst I love reading myself, I find that long gone are the days of working my way through half a dozen books in a fortnight whilst topping up my tan. In fact, I cannot remember the last time I finished a full novel, I'm guessing it was some time pre-kids. 

But I have always loved children's books, especially gorgeously illustrated picture books. Perhaps it comes from being a teacher, but I had a large collection of kids books before I even had any kids to read them too (yes sad, I know). Now I've got two boys that enjoy bed time stories, my collection is growing out of control. Mr L says I'm not to buy any more. So in an effort to keep the spending under control and the bookshelves from collapsing under the weight, I've  dusted off the old library card and borrowed a few gems from the local library.

The first of which was 'Sylvia and Bird' by Catherine Rayner. We already own a few gorgeous books from this author, bit this wasn't one I had heard of before.

It's a lovely story about a dragon named Sylvia who, being the only dragon in the entire world, feels that she doesn't belong.She accidentally stumbles upon little Bird, and the two become friends, despite Sylvia's concerns that she still doesn't fit in. The story is beautifully illustrated, engaging enough to keep my two boys interested, and has a subtle message about friendship, difference and finding your place. 

The gorgeous 'Sylvia and Bird' by Catherine Rayner

This is great introduction to Catherine Rayner's books if you haven't come across them before. I would also highly recommend Augustus and His Smile, about a sad tiger who finds his 'happy' again and Abigail, a giraffe who just loves to count!

Happy reading,

Clare x