Boden for the Boys

There is nothing I love more at this time of year than buying a snuggly new winter coat and a smart pair of boots. Not just for myself but also for my boys. 

So when a leaflet from Boden with a 20% off voucher dropped through the door, I thought I would have a good look at what was on offer. Now Boden has been on my radar for a while, I'm loving their Instagram feed and enjoyed this recent article from Wardrobe Icons on the current women's collection, but I've only ever purchased the odd piece now and then.

So, armed with my discount code and a cuppa, I settled down to have a good nosey at their kids collection Mini Boden. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and spotted quite a few gorgeous pieces for my little ones (my boys are 5 and 3 years). What might have been a beautiful but slightly pricey kids coat at £45 seemed reasonable at £36, with 20% off. I also fell in love with their suede desert boots and snapped up a couple of pairs in brown.

Here's a a few more of my favourites:

My boys have been wearing their new coats and boots for a couple of weeks now. C (the 5 year old) tells me his coat is snuggly and J (the 3 year old) thinks his boots are, and I quote, 'cool'! 

I'm one happy mummy because my boys are warm, comfy and look gorgeous in their new outfits, and I've had lots of comments and questions about where I got them.

Whilst putting together this post, I noticed Boden currently have 20% of kid's coat, jackets, trousers and jeans, so if you're after a new coat for your boys, or girls, now would be a good time to head on over to their website and grab one.

Oh and did I mention I might have treated myself to a little something whilst I was there?

 I might well be wearing my new Boden leopard print flats whilst writing this post ;-)   Girls (yes,  girls)  ballet flats, £43

I might well be wearing my new Boden leopard print flats whilst writing this post ;-)

Girls (yes, girls) ballet flats, £43

Happy shopping,

Clare x

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