My First Post!

 But first, coffee

But first, coffee


I love reading blogs. I love reading generally to be honest. But as a busy working mum, these days given the option between reading a novel or checking out the latest blog posts on my iPad, I'd choose the latter. I put it down baby brain (even though my 'baby' is nearly 3) and the fact that with so much going on I have a maximum concentration span of about 11 minutes. That's about the length of time I get to read, just enough time to drink a cup of coffee then realise I've left the bath running/the dinner I'm 'cooking' is burning on the hob/the 'baby' has emptied the box of cheerios all over the floor (again). So reading blogs fits in well with my busy (read chaotic) lifestyle and lets be honest there are loads of amazing mama's out there writing interesting, inspiring and down right funny blogs. 

But, to be honest, as much as I love reading blogs, not ever did I think I would write one. I mean who cares what I've got to say? 

Yet here I am, writing my first blog post.

Scary. Weird. Exciting, maybe.

Clare x


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