Happy Blue Monday

Dreaming of blue sky's this Blue Monday?

So today is Blue Monday, the day when supposedly many of us are feeling the most depressed we have all year (yes I know its only just started!). Whether or not you believe the science behind it, or in fact whether or not you care, Mondays and January aren't usually a good mix. 

But actually today I'm felling pretty happy. It may be the extended holiday of sorts that I'm enjoying since having quit the day job, or maybe its just that life is not all that bad and if you really look for it there's good to be found in even the most grey (or should that be blue?) Monday.

Here's some of the things making me happy right now around here:

1. The School Run

Yes I know not all mother's love it and it can be routine and mundane and maybe the novelty will wear a bit thin eventually, but right now I am loving waving eldest boy into school in the morning and walking out of the playground to enjoy the rest of the day with my littlest one, knowing that in not that many hours we will be back to collect his brother and I will listen as they exchange stories of their day.

2. Slippers

The fact that much of my day is now spent at home involves spending more hours than I care to admit in my slippers. Mr L bought me them for Christmas and they are comfy and fluffy and yes I know, it is sad, that slippers make me happy. But they do.

3. Cooking

I have always enjoyed cooking, until I didn't. I kind of fell out of love with it when work and kids and my crazy, chaotic life took over and meant that shopping usually involved an after work dash around Sainsbury's, followed by a mad rush at home to get the kids teas on the table before it was too late, and they were too tired and there was a melt down (them, me, all of us). But now I have a bit more time on my hands, which means that meals can be planned, lists can be made, shopping can be a bit more leisurely (well as leisurely as it gets with a 3 year old in tow) and home cooked food is making a comeback in our house. 

4. Listening

Listening to my gorgeous boys tell each other about their day or discuss the talents of various members of the Paw Patrol (who knew Chase was more awesome than Marshall?!). Listening to Mr L talk about his day at work or his plans for things we can do together at the weekend. Listening to my playlist on Spotify. Listening to brilliant, interesting Podcasts by Elise Joy , Digital Mums and Serial, which I'm hoping to start soon because ALL of the people are recommending it. Really I'm just happy that I have the time and the head-space to listen, really listen. My mind is no longer whirling with lesson planning, shopping lists, how many books I've still got left to mark, childcare arrangements, did I pay that bill, please God don't let the little one be sick tomorrow because I can't take more time off work and who's going to be home in time to cook the tea?

5. Snow (and Daffodils)

Yes, I know most of us are sick to the back teeth of winter now. I must admit it has been feeling COLD this week. But seeing the excitement on my little ones faces when they woke to snow on Sunday morning and watching them as they ran down the stairs to put on their wellies and coats so they could go out and play in it, made my heart burst with joy. I love them. I love how excited they get about anything, everything. I love that even though there was just a dusting, not nearly enough to build a snowman, in fact not even enough for a snow angel, it didn't matter. They were happy. And so was I.

That said, as much as I love a bit of snow, I've been buying Daffodils to sit in the vase on the kitchen windowsill and brighten up my day. They remind me that spring is just around the corner and that's enough to brighten anyone's (blue) Monday isn't it?

I hope this Monday has been kind to you.

Clare x

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