Veggie Recipe: Mushrooms on Toast

Yummy. Mushrooms on toast,

I said in a recent post that we are trying to get a few more veggies into our meals generally and one of the ways I have been doing that this month is to cook at least on vegetarian meal each week. So far we've tried Bean and Mushroom Casserole, Baked eggs and Mushroom on toast.

This is a quick, cheap and easy meal for those nights when you're tired or don't have much time and want something warm and comforting.

You'll need:

Mushroom, obviously, and quite a lot. We used a large box of Aldi basics mushrooms.

An onion.

Some garlic.

Creme Fraiche (I used low fat)


You could add a teaspoon of mustard for a twist, if you like it.

Parsley to garnish, if you're feeling fancy.

Toast to serve.

All you need to do is chop your mushrooms, onion and garlic and sauté them in the oil. Season to taste. Then I added a few dollops of creme fraiche. 

Like I said you can add mustard if you wish, and if the sauce is a little thick you could loosen it with some milk.

Once everything cooked and you've got the right consistency, stir in your parsley if using and serve on a nice slice of toast.

The mushrooms in sauce would also be great on top of a nice piece of steak or as a side dish to something else.

Happy cooking.

Clare x