Veggie Recipe: Butterbean and Mushroom Casserole

So as I said in my previous post you won't be hearing any of that new year, new me stuff around here! Whilst I may be making plans I won't be making resolutions to give up alcohol, chocolate or carbs, only to break them by mid January.

Having said that, after the excess and indulgence of Christmas, I am making an effort to be a little healthier and to cook healthy, nourishing food for my family. 

One of my aims is to eat more veggies. We are definitely meat lovers around here, but in my bid to get my boys eating more veggies (especially my littlest one who thinks we are trying to poison him by feeding him carrots and can spot a hidden pea at ten paces) I am trying to cook at least one veggie meal a week throughout January. 

So this week it's Butter Bean and Mushroom Casserole. 

Some of the lovely ingredients. Full list below.


Serves 4-6

1 tbsp oil

2 onions, peeled and chopped

2 large carrots, peeled and chopped

2 garlic cloves, peeled and sliced

300g of mushrooms, use a variety of types. I used chestnut and Aldi's basics!

2 x 400g tins of chopped tomatoes

2 x 400g tins butter beans

Handful of rosemary and thyme, chopped

1 slice of bread, food processed to make crumbs

Grated parmesan to sprinkle on top

Green salad to serve

1. Preheat the oven to 180/Gas Mark 4. Heat the oil in the a pan and cook the onions for 10-15 mins until soft. Add the carrots, garlic and mushrooms, cook for another 5-10 mins.

2. Stir in  the tomatoes and butter beans and bring to the boil. 

3. Season and add the herbs, reducing the heat. Pop on the lid and simmer for 20 mins.

3. Transfer to a casserole dish and sprinkle on the breadcrumbs and cheese.

4. Pop into the oven and bake for 20 mins, until the topping is golden.

Serve with a green salad or anything else you fancy!

An added bonus of all this healthy cooking is that it seems to be getting my little ones interested in food. The three year old sat chopping mushrooms and carrots for a good half an hour whilst I was cooking this up.

The finished dish was delicious and there was plenty left over. I am planning on using this up by mixing it up with some cooked pasta and a little cream cheese to serve to the children for dinner.

Mushrooms seem to be the flavour of the month in our house at the moment, which in itself is remarkable since I didn't eat them at all until a few years ago!

I've got another mushroom based recipe we've tried out recently, which I'll share next week probably.

Until then, happy cooking.

Clare x