A Foraged Christmas Wreath

There is little that makes me happier than a bit of festive faffing!

Hand-making a Christmas wreath has been a family tradition for me for almost 10 years! I first learned how at a local wreath making workshop and have made my own fresh foliage wreath to adorn my front door every year since. Not only that but its now a family tradition to get a few of us together for an afternoon in early December to drink mulled wine, listen to Christmas tunes and get creative with some greenery. 

The teacher in me loves to pass new skills on and so I thought I'd share this tutorial for a simple, foraged wreath with you. This one is super easy, and even better costs very little. I went for a lovely wander in the local woods on Sunday to collect some bits and bobs, then headed home to put it all together. The perfect Sunday afternoon!

You'll need:


  • 6 twigs/branches (similar length and fairly straight)
  • a selection of foliage
  • florists wire or twine
  • secateurs (or a sturdy pair of scissors but be warned you may blunt them!)
  • Brew (or tipple of choice), twinkly lights and festive tunes optional!

How to:

1. Arrange three twigs in a triangle shape as shown:

2. Secure each corner with florists wire or twine.

3. Once you've finished the first triangle, repeat these steps to make a second one.

4. Lay one triangle on top of the other to form a star shape 

5. Secure the two triangles together using florists wire or twine. I secured mine just at each side, which was enough to hold it securely.

6. Begin to lay your chosen foliage around the top triangle, arranging it until you are happy before securing with wire/twine.

7. Ta-dah! Your wreath is finished. Hang and admire!

If you make your own I'd love to see it, tag me @chaoscoffee on Instagram or use the tag #festivefaff.

And if you don't fancy making one by yourself there are still a few tickets available for my wreath workshops this December. Not only will you learn a new skill and take home a creation you'll be proud of, but there'll be festive refreshments included and new friends to meet, all in beautiful surroundings to a background of festive music. 

Thursday 1st December Rocket & Orange, Altrincham

Saturday 10th December Our Kid, Chorlton

I'd love to see you there.

Clare x