DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

How is your Christmas preparation going? If you're anything like me, you'll still be racing around trying to tick presents off your list. Whilst the main (most important) presents have been tucked away for a while now, it seems to be the last few little bits and bobs that are causing me headaches. That said, I'm all for capturing the joy of this season and theres not much I love more than a stack of beautifully wrapped gifts. Although I want to present gorgeously wrapped presents I don't want to spend huge amounts of time or money. So here it is, my guide to beautiful christmas gift wrap, do DIY style on a budget. Even the kiddos can join i with this one.

First up, the good old potato print!

This actually probably requires the most prep of the three ideas, but all you really need is a potato, some paper, and paint. I went for brown paper, black acrylic paint and added some glitter too.

All you need to do is chop your potato in half and draw a simple design. A tree or star would work well. Then slice around your design carefully with a knife, and remove the excess. See below.

Once you have your stamp prepared, all thats left to do it dip into your paint and stamp away. My boys rally enjoyed this and as long as you remember you aren't looking for perfect placement you can't really go wrong, in fact the beauty of this wrap is in the handmade, imperfect nature of it. Also, glitter, everything looks better with glitter. 


Next up is another version of this stamping technique which is even simpler. For this one I used cookie dough cutters. Again all you need is the cutter, the paper and some paint.


This really couldn't be simpler and I love the result. Again this is another one my children loved joining in with.

Last but not least, the simplest idea of all. I bought this gorgeous wrapping paper from Ikea and used some metallic markers to personalise it and add that extra festive touch!

And here's the finished result...

If you like these ideas and are looking for some more inspiration check out my Pinterest board!

Happy wrapping!

Clare x