Simple DIY Christmas Tree Decoration

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

Have you got yours up yet? We have, in fact Christmas prep is in full swing here and my boys (ages 4 & 6) seem to get more excited each passing year. I love making, I'm always faffing with something or other and I'm beyond excited that this year my boys are interested to join in and create a little something themselves. If you have little ones that love crafting too, why not try out these little Christmas tree decorations? Not only will they have fun, you'll get some stylish (and cheap!) festive adornments to get your home looking sparkly for the big day.

To make these tree decorations you will need:


Some twigs - we foraged the local parks and woods for our, they need to be fairly straight and dry-ish

A hot glue gun (can be bought fairly cheaply in craft stores, failing that you could try some strong glue)

Some wool, we used grey and white as thats what I hand to hand (plus it fits my colour scheme!)


These really are super easy. All you need to do it chop your twigs down to create three pieces which will form a triangle shape, plus a small piece to add as a stem. 

I chopped lots of pieces down beforehand and then let the boys arrange them into triangles, whilst I furiously glued them together in an effort to keep up!

Once I had all my triangle shapes glued together we glued on the little stems and left them to dry.

The next step is to wrap the traingle trees with wool. I tied the wool to each tree and then let my boys get on with wrapping it around. They can't really go wrong, you can wrap the wool whichever way you like and they still look lovely. I helped to tie the wool off at the end once they had finished wrapping.

The last step is the fun bit! I applied dots of glue randomly to the wool and let the boys sprinkle glitter all over, we shook off the excess and left to dry. Ta-dah, all done.


You could use these little trees in lots of ways. Try propping a few up on the mantle piece, add twine to the top and hang from the tree, or string several together to make a pretty garland. 


I'd love to see how yours turn out, take a a pic and tag me @chaoscoffee on Instagram.

Happy festive faffing!

Clare x