My Addiction

Hi, my name is Clare and I’m a coffee addict.

It all started around 10 years ago. Me and my then fiancé, now husband, were on a multi stop trip around America. San Fran, Hawaii, Chicago. The trip of a life time. We had an absolute ball, shopping and sight-seeing in San Fran, lazy days on the beach in Waikikki. I mean, what’s not to love? Well, jet lag that’s what. I remember, after 20+ hours of travelling, walking around Union Square in San Francisco and feeling spaced out and stressed out by ALL of the people. Add that to the fact that there is a coffee shop on every corner and it’s no wonder I developed a slight addiction during our trip. Whether it was sweet caramelly macchiato’s in Starbucks (yes I know true coffee lovers aren’t great fans of Starbucks, but for me the smell of the sweet stuff takes me right back to that trip) or the non-stop free refills of cafetiere coffee at breakfast, the black stuff punctuates my memories of our dream holiday even now.

The real problem, however, didn’t start until years later. Right around the time we had our first baby to be exact. As all mothers know, there is no tired like the tired of new parents in the new born haze. Nope, not even jet lag comes close. That was when my coffee addiction became real. When getting up, getting yourself and a tiny human dressed and getting out of the house feels like victory, the obvious next stop is the coffee shop. That pull of caffeine is just too strong and on a few hours sleep some days it was just about the only thing that got me through.

These days I like nothing more than a few hours, with my laptop and a steaming mug of caffeine in which ever coffee shop I happen upon. You see not only do I love that sweet, welcoming smell but I also love watching the world go by. I’m a people watcher and there’s no better place to watch people than in a coffee shop. People from every avenue of life seem to reside here and I find it inexplicably interesting to watch them go about their daily life. The business man on his laptop, what does he do for a living? The woman with her head in a book, is she having a children free hour or is she actually child free? The young couple, sometimes staring into each other eyes lovingly, other times clearly in the middle of a domestic, we’ve all been there right? The friends that meet for for a chat, or the too young and too cool teenagers, that frankly make me feel old. I could sit and watch all day.

I suppose as vices go, a coffee addiction isn’t all that bad. Let’s face it, unlike other addictions, it’s not illegal, I can still function and it isn’t having a negative impact on the life of my kids. Not unless you count Costa being one of their favourite hangouts as negative. They are five and three by the way.

But you see the problem is this. Recently I can’t seem to have more than one cup of the good stuff without that inevitable caffeine headache. My tolerance just isn’t what is used to be. The other big problem is the cost of my addiction. Yes in real, actual monetary terms. Being kind of jobless, (not technically but lets just say I’m not earning what I once was) means I can no longer really afford to keep feeding my habit.

So do I resign myself to home brewed cafetiere coffee (strictly one cup a day) or do I just go cold turkey and break the habit once and for all?

Clare x